You took the sheep to the market.

Mike's home burned down in 2013.

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Don't you know how beautiful you are?

I told you before that's impossible.

You can't get back the wasted time.


Klaudia opened the back door.


We should reform this law.

I think my mom knows.

Vince was afraid of being captured by the enemy.

I have lunch at noon.

Only one language cannot win a war against all the languages of the world.

I would like to repay him for his kindness.

Mauve was initially called "Tyrian purple."

Monty was summoned to appear in court.

Sysko, will you fix the Uzbek transliteration tomorrow?

What is your field of study, your domain of inquiry, your major interest?

He wrote a prompt answer to my letter.

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You're incorrect.

When the last leaf falls, I must go, too.

Sometimes, he appeared suddenly behind Emma, bare-headed.


I will visit my uncle in Kyoto this summer.

All these books are mine.

Nikolai must have drunk too much last night.

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Today I'm pissed.


How did the audition go?

I am quite ready for payment.

He got me some vegetables.

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We have to give them a chance.

It is not true that both of the parents tried hard in search of their daughter.

My father likes tennis.

Is there a possibility that you're pregnant?

Well, you got a point there.

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Just lie still.

That's the most important thing to remember.

They're really pretty.

I would die for her.

I haven't been well.

A man ought to read just as inclination leads him; for what he reads as a task will do him little good.

The annual migration of North America's monarch butterfly is a unique and amazing phenomenon.

I'm looking for someone.

I should've visited her more often.

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I received the hospitality of the family.

He is a happy boy!

No one's stopping you.

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We're here to talk.


All at once, I heard a shrill cry.


The International Space Station is the largest artificial body in orbit.

What time does the parking lot close?

I want to find her.


All right, fine. That's it; I give up. You win. I'm leaving. I hope you're satisfied.

They decided to settle in a suburb of London.

That's not something I can do.

Let's stop beating around the bush and cut to the chase.

We can still do that.

The value of the yen has soared.

Timo isn't someone you should trust.

Kate is worried about your safety.

Nancy has been missing for three years.

Lila entered the lobby and found Torsten waiting.

I decided not to go to the movie after all.

She complained to me of my small salary.

In junior high and high schools, they say insidious forms of bullying are on the rise.

I have to convince her to come.

I'll be in my office from ten tomorrow.


I'll deal with that for you.

You can try but never stop me.

He was killed in the war.


Fear is scary.

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You're in way over your head.

Philippe gave Nick some flowers he'd picked.

I'll try to get home during the holiday season.

He boasted of having passed the entrance exam.

How did you manage it?


Blue1 was founded as Air Botnia in 1988.

I made my son a doctor.

I'm ready whenever you are.

I keep waking up in the middle of the night.

Everybody seemed to be paying attention.

He is not frugal so you can't trust him with money.

I don't like having stiff neck!

I came to see him.

Kamel seems to be having fun.

Praise is always welcome.

Rupert restarted his computer.

They subjugate the meek.

I want to fly above the clouds.

The graph in Figure 1 illustrates the differences in the means of total scores for white and black subject in each grade.

You ask too much of me.

Is anybody here?

What could I give John for his birthday?


Even if you make great efforts, you won't be able to achieve it.


Didn't I just tell you not to do that?

Everyone's doing it.

Most of the Dutch in New Amsterdam did not leave.

You're building castles in the air.

The president was willing to support the bill.

Do you need a visa for Australia if you have a British passport?

I don't understand what I should do.

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Well, here we are at last!


I'm not good at dancing.

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She ran her fingers through his hair.

We had a stupid fight.

Florian is in the copilot seat.

I think Rodger used to play golf.

What do you have to say for yourselves?

She should be there now because she left an hour ago.

Stop talking with each other and listen!

This is the book that I told you about.

Can you believe she said that?

She slept off her hangover.

I'm sorry we dragged you into this.

My name is Hashimoto.

Oh, sweet name of freedom!

He had to face the music.

I can't believe you married Scott.

It is our obligation to help.

He's in the kitchen preparing food.

I figured you might want this.

It was a trick question.


Many Japanese irises were flowering prettily on the lake's edge.


Sandeep doesn't have a dollar to his name.

My experiences have taught me that the only rule in life is "every man for himself."

Why do you need a screwdriver?

Lie down on the examination table.

I won't let Devon go.

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The water is good.


I told Winnie I'd have to think about it.


I'm not going to agree to your proposal so readily.

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The apple appeased my hunger temporarily.

May I ask why you don't want to talk about this?

That's so fucked up.


It's a fruit.

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I never prevent my enemies from hanging themselves.

Let us sing a song.

He let her go.

I saw it from the window.

I used to fish for hours on holidays.

You're not scared, are you?

She always believes me.

Which road goes to city hall?

I don't think that works.


We should respect each other's beliefs.

Mickey didn't apply for the job.

Gary wondered where Rodney had put his hat.


A lie, told by a sensible man, remains a lie.


I'm ready for fighting.

His head was gray.

My father plans to go overseas next week.

Malloy pulled the door half shut.

I need you to find her.

I left the keys with my wallet.

Not knowing what to say, I kept silent.


This desk, which I bought yesterday, is very big.

I wash myself.

Teri read the message and smiled.

This is the funniest book in my reading.

English is spoken around the world.

I'm visiting a friend of mine in the hospital.

Tolerant asked Cyrus why John was so unhappy.

They are very old.

Niels said he wanted a lawyer.


Bart couldn't have done it without Tuan.

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